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A kind of konjaku high-fiber solid beverage
Grass jelly can be served chilled or at room temperature and is most often used as a jelly-like topping in drinks and desserts, like bubble tea.
  • Milk Tea Base Powder. Suitable for F&B functional products including supplements, drinks, and powder.
  • Easy to use
Egg pudding is a dessert snack made with eggs and fresh milk. It has a smooth taste and rich nutrition
  • Made purely from egg yolk with rich and creamy texture
  • Authentic taste of Japan
  • Best suited for Japanese menu
  • Made from whole egg
  • Smooth and creamy texture
  • Suitable for any mayonnaise application
  • Smooth texture with sweet and fruity taste
  • Heat stable
  • Suitable for any mayonnaise application including baking
  • A combination tangy flavor chilli sauce
  • Heat-stable
  • Certified Halal
  • Flavourful mustard with sweet honey taste
  • Heat stable
  • Suitable for any mayonnaise application including baking
Creamy, rich, delicious and authentic Japanese Mentai Mayo, made with real Mentaiko
  • Flavourful tangy taste with a hint of hot and spicy flavour
  • Goes well with salads, meat dishes, noodles and as dipping sauce
  • Japanese-style dressing with rich flavour of soy sauce and sesame
  • Goes well with salads, meat dishes, noodles or pasta and as dipping sauce
Kewpie Creamy Spices Dressing consists 10 types of spices with a creamy texture. It's a perfect pair with salads, meat dishes, seafood and as a dipping sauce.
Smoky Japanese BBQ Sauce- Typical bonito style umami taste with smoky sumiyaki profile.Easy and convenient to apply on a wide range of menu, bringing the Japanese taste into your kitchen without hassle.
Kewpie Black Vinegar Onion Dressing is a localized vinaigrette with the freshness of real onion pieces. Perfect to pair with salads ,meat dishes ,seafood and also as a dipping sauce
KEWPIE Salad Dressing Spicy Tomato is where tomato delicacy combined with a gentle spicy taste, delicious for any kind of salad, pasta and chicken